GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – A bill signed by Governor Whitmer makes the cannabinoid Delta 8 regulated in the same way as other THC products.

Delta 8 is made from hemp plants and has always been present in extremely low amounts. It’s slightly different chemically from Delta 9, the most common cannabinoid found in marijuana plants.

As of October 11, Delta 8 products will be regulated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

“The reason Delta 8 and Delta 9 are categorized differently is that when the drug classifications were done, the traditional delta 9 THC that we all know so well was the only substance that was classified,” Drew Phillippy, president of Purple says the East.

Previous regulations only affected Delta 9, meaning that when Delta 8 hit the market about a year ago, it didn’t face the same restrictions and could be sold outside of marijuana dispensaries.

Delta 8 previously existed in too small a quantity to produce glide effects. Now it’s chemically synthesized and can produce potent “highs” similar to traditional THC products like Delta 9, but with muted effects.

Purple East used to sell Delta 8, but can no longer do so due to the new restrictions.

“I am disappointed,” Phillippy said. “I don’t think it’s a threat to public safety, that it needs to be regulated. There are a lot of other things you can take care of that can have unwanted side effects.”

FOX 17 called a few dispensaries, none said for sure they were carrying Delta 8.

The president of Purple East believes that sooner or later a different product will emerge.

“Something new will likely replace him,” Phillipy said. “Which will then be regulated in two years, and they will continue to find new cannabinoids to regulate.”

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