Assuming the US report indicates that Covid-19 is a Chinese-made virus developed at the WIV that deliberately combined bat viruses with the still incurable AIDS virus so that it could be transmitted to humans , what to do ?

The noose is finally tightening. China has offered the United States a golden opportunity. For many years, the United States appeased Red China despite its sharp trade practices, espionage, one-sided trade deficits, diplomatic belligerence, military saber strikes. All because of its dependence on a profitable supply chain. It was a win-win situation where some irritants were best ignored. But now the world has lost 3.5 million deaths to Covid of which the United States represents more than 591,265.
The first global compensation and reparations for biological warfare are about to expire. But only sovereign executive action by the United States can hold them together. Even US-based lawsuits are unlikely to yield binding results.
China, Biden recently said, is getting ready to “eat our lunch.” The president, with decades of experience in government, knows that a calibrated confrontation with China cannot be avoided or postponed any longer.
The decision to lay down responsibility for Covid came shortly after a two-hour conversation between Biden and Jinping, the latter conceding nothing other than a willingness to cooperate on climate change. And like “thug” Biden informally referred to as Xi, Jinping warned of a “disaster for both” if he was penalized for Covid.
China may well be afraid under the fanfares. It is already under the weight of massive domestic and foreign debt, widespread unemployment, food shortages and latent domestic discontent. Its GDP and exports are in sharp decline.
Former President Trump imposed tariffs and a trade war, but the compensation waited until the pandemic could be managed. Germany wanted to tax $ 160 billion, but Trump was thinking trillions.
China is also struggling to continue funding its external infrastructure projects. However, with massive censorship, repression, propaganda and “wolf warrior” diplomacy, China is trying to present a facade of the status quo. Correcting a bit lately, Xi has called on his diplomats to become “kind” and reach out to the international media.
Biden charged the American “intelligence agencies”, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It’s replacing all doctoral opinions so far, and it’s a clear geopolitical move.
In the centenary year of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the anticipated findings of the intelligence report will be submitted, unless Biden wants to absolve the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) of all blame. This, in less than 90 days.
Assuming the report indicates that Covid-19 is a Chinese-made virus developed at the WIV that deliberately combined bat viruses with the still incurable AIDS virus so that it could be transmitted to humans, what to do ?
China will have to pay for an accidental or deliberate release of the virus. And then spread it via at least 400,000 infected Chinese or carriers traveling from Wuhan, not to Beijing or Yunnan, but to the United States, Europe and other parts of the world, for more than 90 days. Three months of virus spread before China announces the existence of Covid-19.
First, there will be official indictments. Then, massive demands for fines and reparations. It is desirable to avoid the International Court of Justice which China does not recognize and which does not have the power to enforce its decisions. Ditto at the UN where China has compromised several of its agencies, including the WHO. And where he has a veto right at the UNSC.
If China refuses to pay, as expected, economic sanctions, confiscations and bans will have to begin. Chinese exports and imports will have to pay the price. Chinese service and infrastructure companies are also likely to be banned.
The actions taken by the United States will serve as a model for countries around the world. The effort will be to severely punish China economically. Sovereign or diplomatic immunity will not be violated to avoid reprisals. Visas to Chinese nationals may be refused. Chinese organizations, often used for espionage, can be kicked out. Ditto, Chinese students and academics. Chinese assets and investments in the United States can be seized as compensation. The stock values ​​of all Chinese companies listed on the US stock exchanges can be entered.
Indian imports from China were less than $ 67 billion before most, and services and businesses were banned after the Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh. This too was trying to take advantage of India’s concern about the pandemic.
The United States imported nearly $ 500 billion from China in 2020. Many countries, on their own initiative, including India and Canada, have banned Chinese 5G companies like Huawei, fearing espionage .
It will take a series of economic actions and sanctions to offset the trillions of dollars in US damages. America could redirect all imports from China to other countries. It supplies the United States with electrical machinery, other machinery, furniture, bedding, toys, sports equipment, plastics, food and snacks. Services from China are worth $ 20 billion.
In retaliation, China will likely ban US imports worth $ 125 billion. Compared to the damage done to America, this loss would be tiny. Moreover, this pandemic as biological warfare was planned by the Chinese military two years ago. This is documented.
While up-to-date figures are still being worked out, the US economy contracted 3.5% in 2020, something not seen since 1946. The US budget deficit at nearly $ 3.5 trillion was 16% of GDP. To bounce back, huge stimulus packages are being processed under an unprecedented $ 6 trillion annual budget by the Biden administration.
America suffered more than $ 12 trillion in losses in 2020, plus the equivalent indirect losses. That’s almost two years of US gross domestic product (GDP). In the middle of 2021, a third wave or more has only the massive and expensive vaccination campaign to avoid it.
The unemployment rate in the United States in May 2020 was 14.7%, down from just 3.5% before the pandemic. This had not been seen since the Great Depression.
Many countries, like the United States, will not buy Chinese products despite a temporary increase in costs. This will create new business ties outside of Chinese influence. It will be awkward at first, as China has long been a supplier of raw materials, manufacturing parts and finished products. He will also be monitored and prevented from channeling his goods through agents.
China has penetrated the sovereignty of many of its debtor countries like an East India Company of the last days ruthlessly seizing the territory. He inadvertently showed the way to deal with it. Seizing Chinese assets seems eminently fair.
All of this while controlling and curbing China’s military and diplomatic attempts to extricate itself from the situation and its pursuit of world domination.
Ultimately, it must be remembered that a prosperous Red China was created by the Nixon-Mao cartel in the 1970s. But China only started double-digit growth under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s. 30 years later, China was a US-powered powerhouse and the world’s second largest economy. But this prosperity turned its head and changed its attitude.
The CCP, its militant generals and its supreme leader now believe it is time to overthrow the United States. However, the improper rush of this pandemic, designed to bring the world to its knees economically, could be the time of Pearl Harbor in China.
To control any military adventurism, coalitions of military controls seasoned by several countries will indeed be active in the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific. There will be unprecedented policing of all possible flashpoints in the region’s lands and seas, and heightened alerts elsewhere. China’s Belt and Road, Silk Road and Pearl Necklace initiatives will be constrained by diplomatic pressure on its junior partners. Those who supply China with raw materials, oil and even access, will be asked to stop if necessary. The Strait of Malacca, China’s main supply conduit to its Pacific ports, will be monitored and monitored. With Hambantota, Gwadar, Chabahar, Djibouti and elsewhere where China has bases or access.
China could, in turn, threaten non-nuclear states in the Pacific / South China Sea / East region such as Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan. He could also act against India knowing that nuclear weapons cannot be used.
However, once China takes overt military action, it will allow others to retaliate and possibly expose its lack of combat experience.
There was a serious miscalculation on Xi Jinping’s part. It is the failure of megalomaniacs throughout history who underestimate their opponents. This pride will instead destroy Xi Jinping and the CCP’s hold on the Middle Empire, hopefully.

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