ANDERSON – The legislation co-sponsored by Senator Todd Young aims to put the United States on the offensive in the technological battle with China.

The US Senate has passed legislation designed to make the US compete with China in key emerging technology areas.

“I am proud that the Senate voted to advance this bill to compete with China and invest in the United States,” said Young, R-Indiana. “Let history record that at that time we were united. “

The legislation had bipartisan support, but Senator Mike Braun, R-Indiana, voted against its passage.

In a press conference via Zoom on Wednesday, Young said he was not concerned about the Chinese government’s economic retaliation.

“The Chinese have already declared economic war on the United States,” he said. “They took away our intellectual property and stole our dreams.”

Young said the economic war has already started.

“Instead of being on the defensive when it comes to tariffs and export controls,” he said, “it is time for the United States to take an offensive stance.”

Young said the legislation will create a working relationship with Japan, Australia and India to facilitate progress in the Pacific region.

“We can mobilize with our allies in the development of technology,” he said.

Young said the legislation could be passed by the United States House next month.

“It is legislation that has remained under the radar,” he said. “It is possible that some of the bipartisan amendments will be added in the House version.”

Asked about some potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates lining up against the bill, Young said the idea emerged under President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I worked with the Trump administration,” he said. “The note was not released, which may surprise some.

“The Republican Party must continue to be the party that inspires people,” Young said. “The party that believes in grassroots Americans who are underestimated. “

When the legislation was reintroduced in April, Young said it was a turning point in history.

“Right now, the Chinese Communist Party is emphasizing to the world that the United States is a divided nation,” he said. “This is a rare opportunity to show authoritarians in Beijing, and the rest of the world, that when it comes to our national security, and especially our Chinese policy, we are united.”

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